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Nike Kobe 9 Shoes Womens

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To celebrate the United States independence day the arrival of sports brand Nike has launched LeBron 11 Low Independence Day, in the near future Air Force 1 Low Independence Day 2014, Blazer Mid '77 "Independence Day",Nike Kobe 9 Shoes Womens such as variety of celebration, and recently, Nike Kobe 9 EM version of independence day has also been exposed, from the hundreds Feet on the given picture, the shoe color scheme very fancy, upper fabric with red, blue and white-striped textured upholstery, with a silver-grey swoosh and Ice Blue Crystal soles, giving people a sense of cool, cool. It is reported that this pair of Nike Kobe 9 EM Independence Day on the 26th of this month will be officially on sale, interested friends may wish to take note.

Professional Boxer Manny Pacquiao, a 169cm tall Southpaw Boxer, the strongest ever for Asia Muhammad,Nike Kobe 9 Shoes had different orders of magnitude and captured the world boxing champion; He has a surprising lightning speed, is more use right Palm ruthlessly downed his opponent by surprise, moves fast enough to surprise; His speed not only obsessed with the audience, and attracted the attention of Kobe Bryant, but also produced a basketball shoe design ideas-"put on boots boxing game!"

Boxing Boots and boxing boots used as a basketball game? He is crazy? This is an extremely unique, crazy ideas, and this weird stuff that starts in 2011, when Kobe Bryant in a watch born boxing champion Manny Pacquiao in the training process. He then put up the proposal,Nike Kobe 9 Shoes Womens For Sale but he thought at that time, test the NIKE design team, due to the technology at that time, was a little more difficult to do boxing boots effect, but created a story of design KOBE IX ELITE began, for the return of Kobe Bryant kicked off the pitch after an injury.

For KOBE series Coach Eric Avar designed a boxing boots or a pair of basketball shoes, no problem, but to create a pair of comfortable, lightweight, and can provide more protection for the basketball player, simply with a synthetic leather uppers must not satisfy their demands nor satisfy the Creative Director. KOBE series each has its unique and innovative design,Buy Authentic Kobe 9 Shoes Womens technology or technologies, Eric Avar designed has long emphasized "Nature Amplified" to coordinate the natural movements of the body, he simply used the line draw sketches of KOBE IX ELITE, to complement the "Nature Amplified" concept, FLYKNIT item is selected as KOBE IX shoes are the main structure of the ELITE.

Birth of FLYKNIT technology in early 2012, is mainly used in running shoes, and use yarn to weave the entire upper extreme can not only make the effects of light, can design a very complicated shape,Buy Cheap Nike Kobe 9 Shoes shoe manufacture more match; Its unique weaving techniques to create a very strong resilience, groundbreaking designs can be crazy. Running motion to linear motion, and FLYKNIT weaving technique is relatively simple, to pieces to create different sized piece of weaving methods and structures, greater flexibility in making shoes; But basketball requires more action, the shoe needs to consider more lateral support, to bring this KOBE IX ELITE design more challenging.


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