Triangle’s Contribution to
Dentistry is Simple yet Significant!


In 1991, Triangle introduced the first Sterilization Center, the 9000 Steri-Center. Its creation was the result of a complete sterilization protocol called the “Triangle 11 step Instrument Recirculation Procedure” which was developed by Triangle through scientific research on sterilization and infection control. Since then, Triangle has launched 4 other generations of the Steri-Center 9000 series. The current model, the SCX5, continues to be recognized as the standard in the industry.

Available in different sizes models and equipped with manual or hands free features, this product features the best materials available such as Corian Counter top and working surfaces, Stainless steel components, self-closing drawers assembly and High Pressure Laminate panels. All mechanisms are developed and manufactured with the specific dental needs in mind. All recommended infection control procedure and instruments cleaning and sterilizing process are easy to implement and follow with this completely logic and efficient system!


By applying the expertise acquired with the Steri-Center, Triangle established a 1-2-3 Treatment Protocol and created a complete treatment environment to support it.  

1. Before the treatment :  Get prepared, the first step for a well organized treatment procedure! Planning a treatment is a very important step in achieving a global efficiency.  Supplies and instruments brought to the room should be limited to those needed to perform the scheduled treatment.

2. During the treatment : Provide treatment efficiently with asepsis in mind! A large working surface dedicated to the patient being treated should be located near the treatment area and should be accessible at all time, by either the dentist or the assistant, in both right and left environments.

Surrounding the practitioner a the Satellite Surface provide an incomparable treatment support zone.

The ambidextrous Satellite Surface enables an incomparable level of movement around the head of the patients, thus ensuring comfortable and ergonomically-friendly positioning for the practitioner. Two-handed or four-handed operators, right-handed or left-handed users, the Satellite Surface mechanism perfectly adapts the all treatments providers without any compromise.   

The articles reserved for the treatment, such as the required instruments and material, are placed near the zone of treatment thus supporting an optimal access thanks to the fluidity of movement of Satellite Surface.

Optiline’s environment is an innovative and unique solution for the optimal use of space. The Satellite Surface, along with its mid-section shelves, offers an exclusive total working area of 3m2 (11½ sq.feet) that can be reached from a treatment position.

Mid-section storage shelves provide a unique treatment support area. The exclusive hands-free opening system allows for the perfectly aseptic retrieval of stored items from a seated position, without having to remove a glove. No more leaning down or standing up to reach into a drawer or a cupboard, therefore providing greater efficiency.

Triangle Exclusive pneumatic opening system allows an aseptic retrieval of stored items from a seated position, without having to remove the treatment glove.

3. After the treatment : Discard, Clean and Recirculate, the proper means to complete the cycle! At the end of the treatment, all items must be discarded, cleaned or sterilized.  The Optiline environment supports these activities in total accordance with the infection control protocols.

Completed with storing modules and stations and adapted to comply with your architecture and your room layout, Optiline can offer an optimal environment to support your work!

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